Really small plot picture

I’m trying to plot a groupedbar graphic using Statsplots, but i’m getting a really small image, like this:

Is there anyway i can plot another groupedbar graphic in this same image? Like above or below that one?

You’re probably on 0.7 - GR changed its default display size around that time and there’s some mismatch. Should be fixed on 1.0 or by fmt = :png.
You can always plot several plots by

p1 = groupedbar(...)
p2 = groupedbar(...)
plot(p1, p2)
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Allright, i changed to 1.0 and it got bigger, but i think the quality isnt so good, is there anyway i can improve it? I can barely read whats written in the title, x-axis and y-axis.

Another question…

Is there anyway i can get those graphics directly in a .png or .jpg file when i run my code?

No that doesn’t look so nice - what’s your GR version?
You can run savefig on your plot anytime to save it as a png file.

ah… sorry, i don’t know, where i can check that info?

type ]st at the console

It was 0.34, but i updated it now to 0.36, it’s a lot better. But as you can see, the titles are overlapping, is there anyway i can increase the distance between those two graphics? Or even better, can i just reduce the font size of those titles?


the second one worked out for me, thanks!

btw, this
the option for fmt =: png