Need help with bar plot in Plots.jl

I’m using Plots.jl from inside Weave.jl to generate html. All looks good except I cannot locate how to plot grouped bar chart similar to below.

(Note: I saw similar questions solved for StatPlots.jl, but StatPlots is not working in my configuration, failing to find GR lib.)

Is there a specific reason why GR cannot be used?

In my experience, when plotting related libraries cannot be found, ]build Plots often helps.

It just broken. I rm add, build, tried everything. but StatsPlots is not working, failing with GR:

ERROR: could not load library ""
dlopen(, 1): image not found
 [1] setcharheight at /Users/asyrov/.julia/packages/GR/yMV3y/src/GR.jl:1273 [inlined]

So I really looking to alternatives to do groupedbar plot with Weave.jl.

Can anyone help?

It just works now. I did another round of rm/add/build/test of GR, StatsPlots, Plots. And everything works. I’m getting good plot as expected. (except DPI is not high, for my 4k monitor, but this is minor)