RDE versus SDE

What is the difference between a Random Differential Equation and a Stochastic Differential Equation?
I read the documentation of DifferentialEquations.jl, but I cannot wrap my head around it. Thanks.


This tutorial by Trefethen may be helpful: https://www.chebfun.org/examples/ode-random/Random2SDE.html

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Thank you!

Random ordinary differential equations are a generalization of SDEs. SDEs require a linear relationship to the Brownian terms: it’s always g(X)*dW, while RODEs do g(X,zeta) where zeta is some noise process. Any SDE can be written as an RODE where zeta is an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. This is a good quick intro:

RODEs then give a good way to analyze numerical methods which extend beyond Wiener processes as noise, i.e. Levy processes and stuff like, and can be a more natural way to write models with randomness on parameters in a way that gives a nonlinear relationship to the noise.

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