Quantum optics - expansion of functions to composite bases

I’m using a composite fock basis in the Quantum optics pkg and I wanted to use the following functions:

  1. [ QuantumOpticsBase.transform ] API · QuantumOptics.jl
  2. [ QuantumOpticsBase.qfunc ] API · QuantumOptics.jl
  3. [ QuantumOpticsBase.wigner ] API · QuantumOptics.jl

But they don’t support composite basis, mainely because they use underline the QuantumOpticsBase.coherent! function that does not support such usage.

Any tips on bulding an expansion in this situation would be welcome, I’m not that experienced in writing code. I don’t know if I should try to create more functions of try to convert my composite bases to a new “fake” generic base and work from there.
specifically; if anyone wrote his / her own version that includes composite bases and would like to share it would be great.

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