Integral of quantum wavefunction

Hi. Using QuantumOptics package my code is in this form
using QuantumOptics
b_c = FockBasis(10); #Fockbasis (cavity field)
b_a = SpinBasis(1//2); #2-level basis (atom)
a = destroy(bc) ⊗ one(ba);
σ⁻ = one(bc) ⊗ sigmam(ba);
H = Δ*dagger(a)a + g(dagger(a)σ⁻ + adagger(σ⁻));
ψ₀ = coherentstate(bc, α) ⊗ spindown(ba);
T = [0:0.1:max_time;];
tout, psi = timeevolution.schroedinger(T, ψ₀, H);
becasue result of psi is numeracal,max_time should be a fixed number. but I need to integrate on psi such as Integrate( <psi(t’)| \sigma_z |psi(t’)> , t’=0:10). How can I do this? any help would be appreciated.

Repeating same advice to you as here and here.