Python virtual env incorrectly sourced on `Julia: Start REPL`

My current working directory contains a Python virtual env (.venv). After the vscode command Julia: Start REPL starts the Julia REPL, this command is automatically executed in the REPL

source /Users/mpf/Documents/projects/Software/KLLS/.venv/bin/activate
julia> source /Users/mpf/Documents/projects/Software/KLLS/.venv/bin/activate
ERROR: ParseError:
# Error @ REPL[1]:1:52
source /Users/mpf/Documents/projects/Software/KLLS/.venv/bin/activate
#                                                  ╙ ── invalid identifier
 [1] top-level scope
   @ none:1


Is there a vscode setting that can prevent the editor from sourcing the Python environment? Or at the very least, source the Python environment before starting the Julia REPL.