Python in Excel

The tool which is the most used across my company is without a doubt Excel, 2nd is Python. Now Microsoft will combine them.

I find the following quite huge for Python and it is another way to affirm its dominance over all other programming languages. Not only it is by default in almost all linux distributions, it is going to have native support in Microsoft Excel.


The part that Python calculations are processed in the cloud (Azure) makes this unusable for me. Anything similar for Julia wouldn’t change this. But you are right, it consolidates Python as THE standard for data analysis.


I think Python and Excel are so good match in terms of the general userbase. For more heavy lifting in Excel, I’m happily sticking to JuliaInXL. The latter could use a little TLC but everything runs on my own machine, so the IP lawyers don’t jump on me.


I swear I saw an article that said it’s just this initial “beta” release that’s limited to the cloud (Excel 365), and that eventually the goal is to provide local compute on local Excel – but make it a paid add-on license.

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I have a hard time imagining something I would want to do less than deal with an excel file emailed to me with python code in it.



I hope this isn’t a conversation you need to have with the CEO