PyData New York call for proposals

Hi there!

Call for proposals for PyData, New York City is now open, and we would love to see a Julia presence there! I encourage any NYC local who may be interested to submit a Julia talk or workshop.

In case it seems odd to you that Julia would be presented at a PyData conference, note that the “Py” in the name is somewhat of a misnomer; PyData approaches data analysis from a number of languages, including Python, Julia, and R. You can read more about PyData on their website.

About presenting at PyData (copied from the CFP website):

The event brings together analysts, scientists, developers, engineers, architects and others from the data science community to discuss new techniques and tools for management, analytics and visualization of data. PyData welcomes presentations focusing on Python as well as other languages used in data science (e.g. R, Julia). Presentation content can be at a novice, intermediate or advanced level. Talks will run 30-40 min and hands-on tutorials will run 90-120 min.

As a reminder, PyData presentations are intended to share knowledge and experience. We welcome talks letting attendees know how you are using tools in your work, but discourage any proposals with the aim of selling a product.

If you are interested in presenting a talk or tutorial, we encourage your submission(s). To see the type of topics presented at previous PyData events, please look at our past conference sites at or check out the videos on

Registration for the event is free for speakers. It will be a great opportunity to learn something new and to network with data scientists. We hope to see you there!