PyData Global 2021: Call for proposal due August 15th

Hey all,

PyData Global is fast approaching and it would be awesome to have Julia well represented there: Present | PyData Global 2021. Specifically, we are looking for folks interesting in conducting workshops on Julia and related fields. There are also full and lighting talk slots available if that better suits the content. I will also add that this is a great opportunity even for first time speakers/presenters as PyData provides a lot of support for new folks.

See you at PyData!


Bumping this as the deadline is fast approaching! The more Julia talks, the better!

@logankilpatrick - glad you posted about this. @Wikunia and I decided to make a submission to this with Javis. Not sure if we will make the cut, but at least we could potentially give some more of a Julia presence there. :smiley: :juliabouncing:

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Wonderful, glad you submitted. Hopefully more folks follow!

Ps: deadline is extended till Tuesday but get your submission in ASAP!

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