Put a heatmap into a mesh face

The mesh function seems to be pretty fast, is there a way to include a heatmap like in the following example. Eventually I would like to have all faces with different colormaps. Any suggestions are welcome.


using GLMakie
using GeometryBasics
cube = FRect3D(Vec3f0(0) .+ Vec3f0(0, 0, 0), Vec3f0(1))
points = decompose(Point3f0, cube)
caras = decompose(GLTriangleFace, cube)
mesh(points[1:8], caras[1:2], color = rand(8), colormap = :plasma,
 transparency = true)

My guess is that you need to have separate plot calls for each face with its own colormap.

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Indeed, I coded a work around. It does what I want, I will polish the code and afterwards I will upload my solution :smiley:

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Looks fancy! Are you doing any explicit back-face culling because of the transparency?