Makie: Triangle face colour, mesh

I have a question about Makie, when plotting triangulated mesh surfaces is it possible to colour with flat coloured patches?
Compared to the example in:
I.e. the colour vector defines the colour of each triangles face and not each triangle’s edge points.


You can obtain flat coloured patches by a naive duplication of nodes to ensure that every triangle has different (eventually duplicated) vertices.

Do you have an example?

That seems like a hack. Sounds like something that should be easily implemented (if it isn’t already).


well this “hack” could be turned into a recipe :wink:


Does the problem start because the mesh objects don’t support per-face attributes? I’m not sure if that’s actually the case, but I remember reading this comment:

normals[i*3+1] = NormalType(normal...)
normals[i*3+2] = normals[i*3+1] # hurts, but we need per vertex normals
normals[i*3+3] = normals[i*3+1]

Any developments on this? I’m looking for the same feature right now.

I wrote some code to remove duplicate vertices from the meshes generated by Meshing.jl; now it seems like I have to implement the reverse operation?

The code is not complicated but I agree with @dpsanders, this should be a convenience method from the package

function _explode_vertices(vertices, faces)
    new_vertices = similar(vertices, 0)
    new_faces = similar(faces, 0)
    for (i, face) in enumerate(faces)
        for vertex in vertices[face]
            push!(new_vertices, vertex)
        push!(new_faces, Triangle(3i - 2:3i...))
    return new_vertices, new_faces
newmesh = GLNormalMesh(_explode_vertices(oldmesh.vertices, oldmesh.faces)...)

feel free to upstream this code under current Meshing.jl license.

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