Pull requests of new version of package stalled on the general registry

Hi everyone,
The pull request of the latest version of my package (PostgresORM v0.1.1) on the General registry is stalled.

I submitted v0.1.1 with the exact same command as when submitting v0.1.0 which was the very fist registered version of the package.

Checks have passed but there is this error with Compat.toml, Deps.toml, Versions.toml

For Compat.toml and Deps.toml, maybe the problem is that the dependencies are different from the previous version (v0.1.0 General/P/PostgresORM at master · JuliaRegistries/General · GitHub).
For Versions.toml, yes the version has changed.

NOTE, I am very new to making pull request on the general registry so it is probably obvious, sorry… :sweat_smile:

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