Package version purgatory


I published a package a while back, here:

(it’s a slightly niche economics thing). All went well, and it’s in Julia’s package Registry at version 1.0, which is also the GitHub release version.

Later I make a small change, so I bumped the version to 1.0.1 and resubmited to the registry via Julia Hub. The registration is rejected because I forgot to put a version number for a dependency in Project.toml

So I fixed that, bumped the version to 1.0.2 and resubmited. That one was rejected because version 1.0.2 is non-consecutive with v1.0.0. (I think what I should have done here is resubmit keeping the version at 1.01).

I put the version back to 1.0.1, resubmiedt, but that was rejected because I’ve already submitted a version 1.0.1.

Can anyone suggest how I get out of this? Should I try submit in a different, lower level, way than through JuliaHub. I’m finding all this rather confusing …


First, let me say that I do think all these strict version checks are pretty pointless. But anyway, I closed the 1.0.1 PR so I think it should work to register that one again now.


Thanks! But when I resubmit I get the message here:

the bot still thinks I’m at the non-consecutive version 1.0.2. Both project.toml and the git tag are back at 1.0.1, so I don’t see where than comes from. This is, again, submitting via JuliaHub.

Thanks very much for taking time to look at this.

Hm, maybe JuliaHub is doing something strange. I’ll look into it.

Your v1.0.1 tag has v1.0.2 in the project file: Perhaps you get git reference “master” instead. Or update the tag.


Oh, er… actually, all my mistake… I had tagged the new version 1.01 instead of 1.0.1 Fixed that & it all went through. Sorry for wasting your time. Looks fine now.

many thanks