Publishing Packages

Is there any official documentation on publishing packages to the Registrator? I see the README, and was able to follow it, but I’m looking for more details on how versions are managed, and how documentation is generated for

As an aside, is there a roadmap for tooling surrounding the language?

I don’t think that the registry does anything special here. The Pkg docs

may be a good starting point.

The announcement mentions
but I agree that it may be hard to find for new users. Please consider making a PR to the readme above, mentioning this.

Not that I am aware of. A lot of the discussion for features is in issues for Pkg.jl and the registry. The next major thing is automatic merging,

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I’ve submitted a PR just to get the very basic links in there:

I’m not sure I understand the process enough at the moment to write more in depth instructions yet.

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