Proper way to make an empty sizehinted Dict

I have an application where it seems appropriate to have a Dict effectively containing a large number of lightly wrapped Dict containers. Say something like, d = Dict{Int64,Dict{Int64,Int128}}(), where the indices of d can be pre-computed and the number of elements the inner dictionaries can be approximated, with approximations depending on the indices. I would like to initialize d by applying sizehint! to the inner dictionaries, so I could do something like this:

init1(s) = Dict{Int64,Dict{Int64,Int128}}( i=>sizehint!(Dict{Int64,Int128}(),approx(i)) for i in s)

but I noticed that even though sizehint! on an empty Dict breaks out of its rehash! early, it still ends up resizing its slots, keys, and vals fields, which often need to be reallocated in this case. I can avoid the extra allocations by using the 8-argument inner constructor of Dict{K,V}, but need to refer to Base._tablesz(), to make sure I size things appropriately.

function init2(s)
    for i in s
        n = Base._tablesz(approx(i)) 
        d[i] = Dict{Int64,Int128}(zeros(UInt8,n), Vector{Int64}(undef,n), Vector{Int128}(undef,n), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0)
    return d

This gives me a noticeable speed improvement for this part of the operation.

using BenchmarkTools
@btime init1($s) #   243.783 ms (399914 allocations: 925.18 MiB)
@btime init2($s) #   175.247 ms (228585 allocations: 900.58 MiB)

but feels, dirty, since Base._tablesz() doesn’t seem to be something I should be relying on. Is there a reason we couldn’t have

function Dict{K,V}(sh::Int64) where {K,V}
    n = _tablesz(sh)
    Dict{K,V}(zeros(UInt8,n), Vector{K}(undef, n), Vector{V}(undef, n), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0)

or something like that as an inner constructor? It seems like the Dict{K,V}(ps::Pair...) method would benefit from this.

Alternatively is there a better way to initialize a Dict when I know the size?

The best solution I’ve encountered so far is to refactor, so a new type EmptyDict isolates all the dealings with the internals of Dict.

""" A wrapper for directly constructing a Dict{K,V} with a sizehint """
struct EmptyDict{K,V} end
function EmptyDict{K,V}(n::Integer) where {K,V}
    Dict{K,V}(zeros(UInt8,n), Vector{K}(undef, n), Vector{V}(undef, n), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0)

Then I can write init3 with the speed and allocation savings of init2, but the clean syntax of init1.

init3(s) = Dict{Int64,Dict{Int64,Int128}}( i=>EmptyDict{Int64,Int128}(approx(i)) for i in s)