Project.toml path is incorrect

I tried to add a Project.toml file to a project, but it seems there is a problem with the path.
When adding or viewing the status there is a folder created inside the project. This folder contains the directory structure to the current path and is called UNC. I guess it is confused about the drive letter U:, which is a network mounted drive.
I realized this when I tried to instantiate packages without success.

I am on Windows10 running Julia v1.2
I think this is new as it works on Julia v1.1.1.

julia> pwd()
"U:\\jupyter workdir\\Milestone\\Oxidation Model"

(v1.2) pkg> activate .
Activating environment at `U:\jupyter workdir\Milestone\Oxidation Model\Project.toml`

(Oxidation Model) pkg> st
    Status `UNC\fsupdata\users$\active\mpus\jupyter workdir\Milestone\Oxidation Model\Project.toml`
  (empty environment)

See, which was fixed by


So please try with the 1.3-RC2 Julia version where this fix should be active.