Project build practices

Can’t seem to find any good overviews on setting up a Julia project that talks about handling dependencies, compiling, build scripts, etc. So I’m groping my way through it. Presently I am trying to use the BuildExecutable package. When I run the script:

using BuildExecutable
build_executable("neapolitan", "src/neapolitan-command.jl", "bin", "native")

I get this error:

ERROR: LoadError: Unable to modify /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libneapolitan.ji

So it is trying to write to /usr/lib!

How do I fix? And even better, are there best practices for this stuff and any good docs explaining it?

Are you talking about compiling binary dependencies or compiling Julia code into an executable? The latter is doable but not the most user friendly at the moment. For the former, the tools have some issues but they mostly work - see my workshop from JuliaCon 2016.

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Well, both.

Looks helpful. Thanks.