Project Environment and Package Issues

I just pull an undergoing project on GitHub and its name is “ProblemReductions.jl”. I tried to run the example given in the directory “example/landscape”. There are Project.toml which clearifies the package that is useful in the example.
Then I jump in to this directory and type:

Julia> julia
Julia>using Pkg

then everything went well, I did:

Julia> include("main.jl")

After a while, REPL complained:

ERROR:LoadError:UndefVarError: `Random` undefined

And the relative code in the main.jl is:


What is the problem?

sorry there’s a typo in the first line of code, I run Julia in the terminal

The immediate error is due to the script not importing Random. But it’s also missing definitions of seed and K, and probably is supposed to import nv from Graphs.

Either the script is incomplete or not intended to be run in isolation. I recommend that you open an issue with the package to get this clarified.

I’ve solved the problem! Thank you