Building Julia 0.6 executable in a docker container


Has anyone tried to build the Julia 0.6 executable from the source code? I’m trying to do so in a Docker container and running make (or sudo make) produces >100 errors. Any advice would be very appreciated!


This Dockerfile works for me. You probably want more packages for doing any real work but this is enough to build Julia.

FROM ubuntu:16.04

RUN apt-get update \
 && apt-get install -y build-essential cmake curl gfortran git m4 python

RUN cd /opt \
 && git clone \
 && cd julia \
 && make -j8


It works for me as well - I didn’t use a dockerfile. Here are the packages I needed to install:

gcc, cmake, gfortran, g++, xz-utils, python, bzip2, m4


Thank you for your responses! So I have all of the above packages. Running make -j8 seems to finish but no executable is produced. Is there something obvious that I’m missing here??


From the root of the source directory, it’s in usr/bin/julia, and there should be a symlink from the root.


Right, there’s no executable in usr/bin/. The directory is created during the make but then is empty. Once the make finishes, I get the (very descriptive) message make: *** [julia-deps] Error 2 but that’s the only red flag I see…


That error is a fatal error. Look several lines above it for the reason it happened. (Likely a missing dependency.)


Also - when you run into errors like this, it’s best to build serially (that is, without -j) while you troubleshoot. Sometimes race conditions (that won’t exist in a serial build) are the cause of build failures.


Found the dependency issues! apt-get wasn’t updating my version of cmake which caused the other issues. Got it to work once I cleaned the OpenBlas build, reinstalled the julia dependencies and then ran the julia script. Thank you for your help!