Problems with compiling Latex

Hello I conducted workshops and want to submit paper. I used official template

However for some reason I have problems with compiling locally latex bibliography, However all seem good with overleaf compilation code in [1], I spotted no other problems.

Additionally I would like to ask If I can whether Julia con proceeding has any impact factor?

1 MedPipe3D.jl/paper at master · jakubMitura14/MedPipe3D.jl · GitHub

The main problem here is a reference in the “ref.bib”, not the template. You cite “ParallelStencil” from the journal “Computers & Geosciences”. The “&” sign causes the problem here. Simply put a backslash in front of it, i.e, “Computers \& Geosciences”. Don’t forget to clean up your auxiliary files before recompiling.
Note that there are some other warnings during the compilation. You can search in TeX-related forums to get rid of them.

Regarding the impact factor: I don’t think so, but I am not sure.

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Thanks @mike_k ,yes I assume it is my mistake not the template :), so I changed the Computers & Geosciences into Computers & Geosciences deleted all build files and I was looking for any other strange symbols in the bib file but still bibliography do not compile, any ideas?

Some references are missing commae between the fields.

A good debugging workflow is to comment out one reference at a time until it compiles. Then you’ll know where the problem is.

But you should really ask this in a relevant forum like r/LaTeX on Reddit.