Julia code with references (Latex style). Can I write a code and a paper in one file?

Is it possible to include in the code file reference to papers or other code lines? So can I write code and include a latex command like \citet \eq and others.

I would be helpful to comment code.

You can reference some things like code etc. if you’re using Documenter
I’m not exactly sure what you want though, for latex to run through your code and find latex references?


I wonder about next two futures:

  1. in comment have ability to cite some papers. For instance: "here we use the number from \citet{boroner1974}.
    1.1) As result, there have to be reference block somewhere
  2. I would like to comment cite to other line of code: For instance: "Additional explanation can be found \ref{…}. OR "Here we use this equation: \ref

To sum up, I would like that comments would be like latex document, since a lot of people use Julia for research computations, it would be very helpful.
In additional, it would be great to write a code and a paper in one file.

I might be mistaken, but what you describe sounds a lot like “Literate Programming” ; have you looked at packages providing such features? The two names that come to mind are: