Problems installing Julia on Windows, respositories


This morning I’ve been trying to install Julia 0.6 with Jupyter on Windows 10.
I did use Julia two years ago and decided to give it another chance.

Things weren’t working well.

I was getting these kind of messages:

WARNING: skipping repodata/repomd.xml, not in cache – call WinRPM.update() to download

INFO: Downloading
WARNING: Unknown download failure, error code: 2148270094

and many more.

Finally I fonund the solution, I hope.

The sources.list file contained this:

Just removing the seems to make it work.

I don’t know why it was that way or if removing that text will cause any problem.

I also can see that the repository is inside an OpenSUSE repository but I’m using Windows. Is there any repository just for Windows?

I’m sharing my experience in case it help others.

For Windows you usually go to the download page and download the 32 or 64 bit version. I have never had a problem with this procedure.
Maybe wiping out your Julia home directory (c:\Users\username.julia) may help?

This is an issue on Windows Server installations – by default IE blocks access to everything. Which is problematic, since WinRPM uses a ccall to that for it’s downloads.

For reference:

AFAIK your workaround is correct for the time being; I think once is merged WinRPM can switch to that instead of relying on Internet Explorer…