Problem with Weave code

weave("C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/", out_path=C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/ECON214Assignment3.pdf, doctype="md2pdf")

When I put in this code I get an error. What am I doing wrong?

The outpath must be a string

weave("C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/", out_path="C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/ECON214Assignment3.pdf", doctype="md2pdf")

like that?

If it’s not working, it Might only be the path to the directory required, not the full file name.

Not sure I know what you mean. I got the path from the properties, for the file I was trying to weave.

I’m not sure how to do an MWE with stuff on my computer. Can you provide an example with a directory?

You are missing the actual file name in the first argument? You just have a directory.

weave("C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/ECON214Assignment3.jl", out_path="C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/Assgnment3.pdf", doctype="md2pdf")

I’ve tried both. With this I get.

Base.Meta.ParseError("extra token \"dropping\" after end of expression")

That sounds like it could be a problem with how you write paths in windows. I can’t help with that I’m afraid.

Just a hunch, but if you use raw in front of the path strings it may work. Also try changing the forward slashes to backslashes if it does not work.

raw"C:/..." or raw"C:\..."