Help with Weave.jl for Julia Markdown in VS

Hello everyone,
Im trying to markdown my Julia code for a paper in Visual Studio. But I cant seem to get the weave.jl package properly working. I am lost at how to correctly set the normpath. I have looked up the documentation and this is what it says.

filename = normpath(Weave.EXAMPLE_FOLDER, "FIR_design.jmd")

Could somebody explain to me how to set it correctly for my windows system? Preferably with a simple example, since I am rather new to Julia and Visual Studio?
Thank you in advance!

I don’t personally use normpath()

I tend to work in the directory that contains my jmd file, and which I also want to produce my pdf in. Then I use weave("my_markdown_file.jmd", doctype = "md2pdf") And I get the desired result.

When usng the filename argument, you dont have to use normpath. You can call weave(filename = "C:\\Users\\user_name\\Documents\\my_folder\\my_markdown_file.jmd", doctype = "md2pdf")

Thank you a lot for your help. It´s much more understandable now

No worries. Welcome to Julia discourse!