Problem with CI of documentation

Hi! I am trying to deploy my own library, but I have a problem with GitHub Actions: CI.yaml and docs.yaml do not work. And … it’s even hard to explain what is the problem.

Here are some screenshots:

  • error in build and deploy

The only I could say that errors occur on this string in docs.yaml ERPExplorer.jl/docs.yml at main · vladdez/ERPExplorer.jl · GitHub

 uses: julia-actions/julia-docdeploy@v1
           prefix: xvfb-run

If you want to see more: link to the project’s GitHub Actions: Actions · vladdez/ERPExplorer.jl · GitHub

Upd: I changed a bit docs.yaml and now I see this error. Which strange because in the same job it was stated that Documenter is successfully installed.

Maybe the problem is environment setup? Mine is the following:

    - name: Build and deploy docs
        GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

I think I’ve seen similar problems before, the issue was that the GitHub action didn’t have the appropriate write access to the repo