Problem loading ML model using DataDeps

Hello everyone.
I have a problem loading ML model using DataDeps. I load model via shared link to Google Drive.
Model should be loaded to a specific folder on my drive, so I set:

    ENV["DATADEPS_LOAD_PATH"] = "D:/Lubov/Models/"
    model2 = BSON.load(datadep"user_model", @__MODULE__)
    trained_model = model2[:model]

However, when I try to load model, I get following error

InitError: SystemError: opening file "C:\\Users\\user\\.julia\\datadeps\\user_model": Permission denied

Also a folder C:\\Users\\user\\.julia\\datadeps\\user_model is created with a file name view

isn’t incredibly well tested.
It might have a bug.
It would be good to see a MWE

Also your code seems wrong as well.
But in an unrelated way.
BSON.load takes a file name, like datadep"user_model/file".
datadep"user_model" on its own is always a folder.