Problem in loading Module due to BITLOCKER encryption


Hi All,

          I don't have access to admin account of my office laptop. I am using standard users account. I have few modules and I am calling them as follows:

Method 1: juliaSriptPath="C:/Julia Script/"
using nameof themodule

Method 2: include(“nameofthemodule.jl”)

In both case Julia is not in position to open the file as the folder “Julia Script” is becoming readonly by default even after setting its property. How to avoid the problem? Company using some software for protection of data. Moreover, it is slowing down the computational speed of Julia. Code is working well in other computer.

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I don’t think there’s much help we can provide here. If the issue is bitlocker specifically, you need to unlock the folder. After that, access should be transparent. Otherwise contact your IT dept. or use a known-writable location like your HOME directory.