Problem in integrating Agents.jl and DifferentialEquations.jl

Hello, Everyone Im running this example from Agents.jl page – example. I’m getting Error as shown below. It will be really helpful if someone can help me out here as its extracted directly from website. I will expect it to run without error. Did I miss something ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

using Agents
using Distributions
using CairoMakie
using DifferentialEquations
using Random

mutable struct Fisher <: AbstractAgent

function agent_diffeq_step!(agent, model)

    agent.yearly_catch = rand(model.rng, Poisson(agent.competence))

function model_diffeq_step!(model)
    # We step 364 days with this call.
    OrdinaryDiffEq.step!(model.i, 364.0, true)
    # Only allow fishing if stocks are high enough
    model.i.p[2] =
        model.i.u[1] > model.min_threshold ? sum(a.yearly_catch for a in allagents(model)) :
    # Notify the integrator that conditions may be altered
    OrdinaryDiffEq.u_modified!(model.i, true)
    # Then apply our catch modifier
    OrdinaryDiffEq.step!(model.i, 1.0, true)
    # Store yearly stock in the model for plotting
    model.stock = model.i.u[1]
    # And reset for the next year
    model.i.p[2] = 0.0
    OrdinaryDiffEq.u_modified!(model.i, true)

function initialise_diffeq(;
    stock = 400.0, # Initial population of fish (lets move to an equilibrium position)
    max_population = 500.0, # Maximum value of fish stock
    min_threshold = 60.0, # Regulate fishing if population drops below this value
    nagents = 50,

    function fish_stock!(ds, s, p, t)
        max_population, h = p
        ds[1] = s[1] * (1 - (s[1] / max_population)) - h

    prob = OrdinaryDiffEq.ODEProblem(fish_stock!, [stock], (0.0, Inf), [max_population, 0.0])
    integrator = OrdinaryDiffEq.init(prob, OrdinaryDiffEq.Tsit5(); advance_to_tstop = true)

    model = ABM(
        properties = Dict(
            :stock => stock,
            :max_population => max_population,
            :min_threshold => min_threshold,
            :rng => MersenneTwister(1234),
            :i => integrator, # The OrdinaryDiffEq integrator
    for _ in 1:nagents
        add_agent!(model, floor(rand(model.rng, truncated(LogNormal(), 1, 6))), 0.0)

modeldeq = initialise_diffeq()

_, resultsdeq = run!(modeldeq, agent_diffeq_step!, model_diffeq_step!, 20; mdata = [:stock])


ERROR: MethodError: no method matching should_we_collect(::Int64, ::StandardABM{…}, ::Bool)

Closest candidates are:
  should_we_collect(::Any, ::Any, ::Any, ::Function)
   @ Agents ~/.julia/packages/Agents/8JW8b/src/simulations/collect.jl:197
  should_we_collect(::Any, ::Any, ::Any, ::AbstractVector)
   @ Agents ~/.julia/packages/Agents/8JW8b/src/simulations/collect.jl:196
  should_we_collect(::Any, ::Any, ::Any, ::Real)
   @ Agents ~/.julia/packages/Agents/8JW8b/src/simulations/collect.jl:195

 [1] run!(model::StandardABM{…}, agent_step!::typeof(agent_diffeq_step!), model_step!::typeof(model_diffeq_step!), n::Int64; when::Bool, when_model::Bool, mdata::Vector{…}, adata::Nothing, obtainer::Function, agents_first::Bool, showprogress::Bool, warn_deprecation::Bool)
   @ Agents ~/.julia/packages/Agents/8JW8b/src/deprecations.jl:0
 [2] top-level scope
   @ Untitled-2:72
Some type information was truncated. Use `show(err)` to see complete types.

heh, sure, but which website?

Each version of Agents.jl has its own “website”. Have you checked that the version of Agents.jl you have installed matches the version in the “website” you copied the code from? That is one likely source of error.

It is best if you follow the advice here Please read: make it easier to help you which includes reporting the package versions you are using and using the latest stable versions.

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From this code you are either using Agents.jl less than v6 or the example in the docs was not updated. THis is incorrect syntax in Agents.jl v6.

EDIT: the docs of v6 are properly updated: DifferentialEquations.jl · Agents.jl


Thank you for help. I thought website get updated after update in version. My bad :smiling_face_with_tear: