Problem cloning registry in 1.3.1

I am on Ubuntu 19.10 and using official Julia 1.3.1 binary tarballs. The problem is:

(v1.3) pkg> add IJulia
   Cloning default registries into `~/.julia`
   Cloning registry from ""
ERROR: Git repository not found at ''

(v1.3) pkg> 

I am trying to do this from a clean install, that is after I do

pjabardo@vazao103:~$ rm -rf .julia
pjabardo@vazao103:~$ julia 

I am almost certain that this is related to proxy configurations (which requires passord - workplace) but I don’t have any issues when trying the same thing (after erasing the .julia folder) on Julia versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion

You could try the different workarounds in but not sure they will work.

After looking around, I found out that the proxy address should have a trailing '/'. In the .gitconfig file, under the [http] section, the proxy variable should be something like

proxy = http://user:passwd@proxy.addr:port/

Notice the trailing /

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this really help, thanks alot!