Printf as a dependency missing? It is there!

This really puzzles me. There is this error message:

$ ~/AppData/Local/Programs/Julia/Julia-1.4.0/bin/julia.exe run.jl
 Activating environment at `C:\Users\PKrysl\Documents\work\RunMultimaterialVibEP.jl\Project.toml`
┌ Warning: Package FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP does not have Printf in its dependencies:
│ - If you have FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP checked out for development and have
│   added Printf as a dependency but haven't updated your primary
│   environment's manifest file, try `Pkg.resolve()`.
│ - Otherwise you may need to report an issue with FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP
└ Loading Printf into FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP from project dependency, future warnings for FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP are suppressed.

Both the Project.toml and Manifest.tomlof the package FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP reference Printf, as in

name = "FinEtoolsMultimaterialVibEP"
uuid = "924b30c9-72fd-43b6-97c0-022972fd2000"
authors = ["Petr Krysl <>"]
version = "0.1.0"

Arpack = "7d9fca2a-8960-54d3-9f78-7d1dccf2cb97"
DelimitedFiles = "8bb1440f-4735-579b-a4ab-409b98df4dab"
FinEtools = "91bb5406-6c9a-523d-811d-0644c4229550"
FinEtoolsAcoustics = "72171760-8bdd-11e9-0dbf-b3b512e82515"
FinEtoolsDeforLinear = "e9187c00-8bdd-11e9-1e70-7ba8303116a2"
JSON = "682c06a0-de6a-54ab-a142-c8b1cf79cde6"
LinearAlgebra = "37e2e46d-f89d-539d-b4ee-838fcccc9c8e"
Printf = "de0858da-6303-5e67-8744-51eddeeeb8d7"
SparseArrays = "2f01184e-e22b-5df5-ae63-d93ebab69eaf"
Test = "8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40"

and so does the package environment of RunMultimaterialVibEP. Yet here is this message. I’ve tried Pkg.resolve(), to no avail.

Any ideas?

You need to run ]resolve, or just ]up again.