"Pkg.resolve()" problems

Hello everybody,

I cannot solve this problem using “Pkg.resolve()”.

LoadError: ArgumentError: Package FEMBasis does not have Tensors in its dependencies:

  • If you have FEMBasis checked out for development and have
    added Tensors as a dependency but haven’t updated your primary
    environment’s manifest file, try Pkg.resolve().
  • Otherwise you may need to report an issue with FEMBasis

Would you let me how to fix such kind of error?

Yep. A new version needs to be tagged but it is currently hanging https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General/pull/5967 due to not upper-bounding it’s dependencies.

Edit: I made a suggestion on how to update Project.toml https://github.com/JuliaFEM/FEMBasis.jl/issues/36#issuecomment-561151279

Thanks! I have modified Project.toml as you suggest, but the problem cannot be solved…