Print DataFrame as "less"-command style


is there a way to print to screen a DataFrame in similar fashion as the “less” command in Linux? So that it displays the data that fits the current terminal size, and with the arrow keys to scroll the columns and rows.

Is there any suggestion for an equivalent approach?

Thank you all.

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No, but that would be cool thing to tap into.

You can use the pacakges TableView.jl or BrowseTables.jl for this.

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Thank you! I managed to use BrowseTables with my DataFrames without problem. However, not with TableView. Is this only valid for Tables or also DataFrames?

a DataFrame is a Table. A Table is really just a set of functions that types can choose to implement, and a DataFrame chooses to implement them.

It makes it possible for something like TableView to work with lots of different packages.

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for completeness, check TerminalPager.jl [ANN] Announcing TerminalPager.jl