Precompiling JuMP and GLPK cause segfaults

I’m using Julia 1.2.0. Just now, I tried to install JuMP and GLPK (using Pkg.add), and then tried to use them with using .... The attempt to precompile led to a slew of errors, and a segmentation fault (this is in Linux). When I installed them on a work computer, running Windows 10 and an older version of Julia, both installed and ran fine.

In fact, something even worse has happened, as I’ve just discovered: I seem to have broken something, as Julia just crashed and now can’t start (in a terminal); attempts lead to a segfault.

What has happened? Why is Julia crashing on starting, and why couldn’t I install either JuMP or GLPK? Thanks!

I suggest you try uninstalling everything and then reinstalling.

Also, which Linux? And please post the errors from using JuMP. We’re not aware of any reasons why JuMP wouldn’t work on Linux systems.

Thank you! I will do that; also I’ll install the binaries from the Julia pages, rather than from my distribution’s repositories (Arch linux). I can’t post the errors from using JuMP as currently I can’t start Julia at all.

I ended up uninstalling the lot (using the distro package manager) and then reinstalling Julia 1.3.0 from its own repositories. It now runs fine, and I also added GLPK and JuMP. I have no idea what caused the original issues.

FWIW, I’m using Arch linux.

My expectation here is that you’re having Arpack compile problems. It’s been a point of contention from us Arch user for a while, but ultimately requires us to do some manual messing about with a libopenblas soft link.

Generally speaking, this isn’t a problem for many Arch Julia users, so it’s not a widespread issue. However, those of us who want to use JuMP are stuck with it.