Precompiling ImageView generates an infinite cascade of windows

Hi there!
I’m trying to install ImageView but precompilation doesn’t work. Instead, it spawns an infinite sequence of other (terminal?) windows and I have no choice but to interrupt the process. Has anyone encountered a similar bug?
I am on Ubuntu 20.04 with Julia 1.7 / 1.8.

Just to establish the expected behavior: On my Ubuntu 20.04 system with Julia 1.7.2 the ImageView precompile sequence generates 18 GTK windows and then closes them within a minute or so. Are you really getting something different with no error messages?

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I must admit I didn’t wait until 18 and probably shut it down before that. I’ll try again with more patience!

Thanks, that was it! Maybe put a warning in the docs so that people are not surprised by this unconventional behavior? The reason I always interrupted it before the end was that so many windows popping up is usually a bad sign ^^