PrecompileTools - how to disable output of @info

I try to implement precompilation with PrecompileTools. It works quite good now. However, in my compile_workload() I have some code that uses @info "test" resulting in output during precompilation.
I tried to remove the output using Logging:

    @compile_workload begin

        warnlogger = ConsoleLogger(stderr, Logging.Warn)
        oldlogger = global_logger(warnlogger)



But this does not remove the output.
Is there another way to achieve this?

The Julia REPL outputs the returning value of the last statement. Check if that’s the cause of the output.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the problem here. The output is (simplified for the example):

Precompiling project...
  1 dependency successfully precompiled in 262 seconds.
  1 dependency had output during precompilation:
┌ MyPackage
│  [ Info: test

Also, the last statement retruns nothing in my case.

just noticed that accidentally I also run compile_workload() when including it. Will try to fix and see if it helps.