Pprof() error?

when I use the PProf package, I see the following problem:

julia> pprof()
ERROR: SystemError: opening file "profile.pb.gz": Permission denied

I’m using MacOS
help please. thanks.

Check that you have the right user and permissions for that file.

I’m the only user (also the admin).

btw, where is the file located?

Usually it is put in the working directory (AFAIK).

julia> pwd()

julia> cd("/Users/Thomas/Documents")

julia> pprof()

julia> Main binary filename not available.
Serving web UI on http://localhost:57599

ok now I changed the working directory so that the file could be created.

but, I still get Main binay filename not available (is it an error?). and I could not find any browser window opened ???

I know why: I have to install graphviz. thanks…

Ah we should probably print which directory we were trying to write to,
and install all dependencies https://github.com/vchuravy/PProf.jl/issues/16


that would be great :grinning:

This isn’t an error. It’s because we’re only passing pprof a profile, not also the binary that generated the profile. We could probably fix that with the right flags in our pprof invocation, but we haven’t looked into it.

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