PowerModels.jl data format

Hello, I wanted to query the branch data format for PowerModels.jl. I note that there are two fields in particular which are not mentioned in the matpower format, but do seem to be in some of the test cases. Particularly rate_i and rate_p … would someone be able to assist me with what those parameters are?


Many thanks!

As I recall, these are meant to be line ratings defined in terms of current (i) and active power (p). These are however not part of the data model standard in most cases but instead ad-hoc data model extensions (a feature of PowerModels) that can be used in user-defined contexts.

The supported name for current ratings is now c_rating_a, but this is not widely documented. Some discussion can be found here, https://github.com/lanl-ansi/PowerModels.jl/issues/727