Pouring gcc-8.1.0.high_sierra failed

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(not sure this is the correct way or place to ask for this…)
I just started playing within Julia, and I wanted to load a .mat file. So I tried to add the MAT package by typing Pkg.add("MAT"), but then during the brew install of the HDF5 dependency package, I got some errors. More specifically (I erased parts of the output):

==> Pouring gcc-8.1.0.high_sierra.bottle.1.tar.gz
Error: Failed changing install name in (...)
Error: Updated load commands do not fit in the header of (...)
Warning: Bottle installation failed: building from source.

It then goes on to build from source, but the make just hangs there for a looooong time… (Still running as I write this). Am I doing something wrong?

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I had the exact same problem. Reading from the HDF5 git repo, HDF5 needs to be installed on your system before you can install it in Julia.

Try running

brew install hdf5

and then try building it with Pkg.build(“HDF5”).

Good luck m8

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Oh thanks! Well eventually after an hour or so it finished building from source :slight_smile:

Had the same problem, this helped.
Still strange it doesn’t work automatically though…

It’s a problem with gcc bottle, it was reported to Homebrew, but it doesn’t seem to have been correctly fixed:


I would try to avoid updating packages in the meanwhile, unless you’re willing to recompile gcc.

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I had the same issue. Running a brew install hdf5 also resolved things for me.