Positron, new IDE based on VS code

Posit has just released a new IDE called Positron (GitHub - posit-dev/positron: Positron, a next-generation data science IDE) based on VS Code. It is specifically tailored for R and Python. Could this be a great opportunity for the Julia community to get involved and improve the editor experience?


As long as posit develops multilingual projects, julia can ride the wave. See for example GitHub - PumasAI/QuartoNotebookRunner.jl

What’s seems much more interesting than the vscode reskin, is that they’re working on an R “super-kernel” that works as a jupyter kernel, an lsp, and dap debugger. GitHub - posit-dev/ark: Ark, an R kernel. From the readme:

we needed to tightly integrate with the Jupyter kernel to provide introspective features based on the current state of the R session.

I.e. They’re using dynamic introspection to improve the language server. That just feels right.

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I think the Julia community should definitely keep an eye on this IDE. It’s good to see that Posit is also using VSC. I think Julia would get even more attention if Posit also supported their data science IDE. Also, there is a good chance that Julia will also benefit from new features.

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Supporting Julia issue is already raised: Julia language as a native citizen? · Issue #3679 · posit-dev/positron · GitHub.