How likely is DataSpell to become a good IDE for Julia

Hi everyone!

Bit of a speculative/idle query here.

My brother spends his time raving about JetBrains products, however, IntelliJ + Julia plug-in is no where near as useful as Atom/Juno or (especially) VS-Code/Julia.

I note that Julia is explicitly mentioned on the page for DataSpell IDE here, as a to-be-supported language:

Once Python support is polished enough, we’ll also look at other languages one by one, e.g. first R, then Julia, and then others.

Any insider gossip on this? Is this likely to end up being a useful IDE and I should keep my eye on it (I’m an academic btw).


I hadn’t heard of DataSpell, that seems new. I not it’s for Jypyther notebooks, that support Julia, R and more, both part of its name, i.e. Jy- for Julia.

So it’s not a replacement for other IDEs not related to notebooks. JetBrains still has other products for that, and this one only for notebooks, while then they claim this is better.

It’s the first I see JetBrains mention Julia, and it’s great Julia is on their radar, seemingly next, as I already see there: “Basic support for R includes a debugger …”

I believe the plugin isn’t they’re work, completely independent: Julia - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace

Note also you may want to use Pluto.jl (or Neptune.jl) rather than Jypyther, unless DataSpell will be that good to change the picture…

It is new… like you I’m finding it encouraging that Julia is on the radar of these people developing “data science” tools.

I’m ok with using Pluto on my browser. I’m an epidemic modeller, this pandemic I’ve got a workflow where I test out the basic transmission model(s) in Pluto.

But thats only about 5-10% of the effort… most is data wrangling and inference. So once I’m very happy that the basic transmission model makes sense over a range of tests and parameter settings (Pluto is an amazing environment for doing this in), then I use VS-Code/Julia IDE to develop a package for doing data input, parallelising inference etc.

Not got a problem with VS-code/Julia at all, but I’ve heard a lot of people from commercial development really rate JetBrains products. So quite excited to see how good their Julia-for-DataSpell-IDE ends up being.

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