Position at ARPA-e

This is a really exciting position for someone who wants to work at the intersection of computing and energy/climate change.



PD “Computation” Job Description:

ARPA-E is seeking Program Directors with a background in Computer Science that are interested in developing and managing programs that are focused on the development of hardware or software for deployment in application areas that are supportive of ARPA-E’s mission to reduce our nation’s energy usage and associated emissions. It is expected that this desired computing capability would be supportive of ARPA-E’s mission in one of two ways: the acceleration of the development of mission-supporting technologies or the reduction of the energy and emissions footprint associated with the use of computing power itself

While ARPA-E is keenly interested in Program Director candidates with the domain expertise and leadership skills required to both recommend and guide investments in this technology area, it is expected that potential program topic areas could include—

the development and/or application of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence enhanced algorithms in targeted application areas (e.g. DIFFERENTIATE, GEMINA) or
the development of computational hardware (e.g. neuromorphic, quantum, analog, photonic) and associated algorithms that offers either dramatically enhanced capabilities or dramatic reductions in the energy usage associated with the exercise of a capability.