Polar plot problem in Plots.jl with the PlotlyJS backend


I am having some trouble (see figure below) with polar plots using the plotlyjs backend in the plots.jl package in jupyterlab and juno. I had a look around (google for the most part) and could not find anyone with a similar problem: the polar plot truncated, to the extent that I cannot see/activate the plotly toolbar. Polar plots with other backends fit are displayed in their entirety, and other plots made with plotlyjs (see figure below) appear unaffected. Any suggestions about what might be going on or where to look are greatly appreciated.

Here’s the code I used for the polar plot:

using Random

θ = range(0, stop=1.5π, length=100)
r = abs.(0.1 * randn(100) + sin.(3θ))
plot(θ, r, m=2, proj=:polar, size=(500,300))