Pmap with external command


Hello everyone,

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I have the following issue. I would like to combine pmap with an external c++ code (scuff-em). In order to streamline the workflow I made some julia functions to call scuff-em for calculations and then do the data analysis in julia also.

Scuff-em uses openmp and comes as a command line tool which is usually ran in the shell. Thereto in julia I created a wrapper function which calls something like:

run(`scuff-neq --Geometry $file1 --OmegaFile $file2 `)

My question is : Does it make sense to use julia’s pmap to start separate jobs on a machine with 2 processors (each having 16 cores) of such an external program that makes use of openmp?

Is there a more appropriate/better strategy for doing this than using pmap?

Many thanks in advance,