Pluto slides pdf print

So I would like to produce some slides using Pluto.jl.
Interestingly enough, some kind of interactive slide show can be produced from a Pluto notebook using the comment on the issue linked on this post.

The only problem is that I cannot seem to find a way to produce a reasonable pdf file with the slides. Chrome’s print to PDF function does not really produce the slides, just the contents of the notebook separated by huge amounts of whitespace.

As such, does anyone know of a clever solution to generate a pdf with the slides Pluto produces?

AFAIK there’s no solution, and tbh the pdf itself (ignore slides for a second) is pretty ugly.

I don’t have a solution tbh, other than maybe use pandoc and write markdown, or use Rise in Jupyter notebook.

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I’ve printed out slides a couple of times. I typically use the Pluto “presentation mode”, and then screenshot each page. Definitely not ideal, but I find it looks nice with the PlutoUI table of contents to the side!

One of my dreams/projects in the pipeline has been trying to use GitHub - parallax/jsPDF: Client-side JavaScript PDF generation for everyone. to somehow get nicer looking pdf slides from presentation mode.

Never actually tried yet so don’t know how difficult it would be but it would be amazing to somehow have a way to get pdf slides from Pluto presentation mode

I’m building a presentation in Pluto right now and will need a PDF version to submit for a class project. You can get it surprisingly close by putting Pluto in presentation mode and then printing to PDF. I switch the layout to Landscape and the paper size to A4 or A5. The first and last pages are usually blank so I then select the pages specifically to trim those off. I think it’ll work for my use case.