Pluto.jl, WGLMakie, JSServe behind firewall

I am trying to use a Pluto notebook with a Makie backend that works with Pluto Notebook for 3D graphics.
In an effort to use WGLMakie, I tried:

    using JSServe

I get blocked by the corporate firewall. What is going on here and should I be worried about what is going on under the hood?

Is Pluto not able to see the proxy settings that the REPL package manager can, or is this caused by calling the resulting web-page that Page() creates which go off and bring in all types of unauthorized content?

Can anyone explain or offer suggestions on how to make Makie plots in Pluto without tripping over the firewall?

Thank you.

i’d guess it is jsserve opening up an auxiliary websocket, since jsserve doesn’t use pluto to transmit wglmakie assets. try a different port to Page() rather than the default.

see also here;

there is a listen_port argument here:

It appears to be our AV software protecting us from servers. Interesting that Pluto itself works and I can do 2D CairoMakie plots, but I think to do 3D I need WGLMakie.

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