Makie+Pluto: How to display animations in the cell?

My WGLMakie does not work. Can other backends be used to make animations in the cell?

OS: MacOS 11.5.2
julia: 1.6.0
Pluto: 0.16.0
WGLMakie: 0.4.5

In Pluto, Cell 1:

using WGLMakie
using JSServe

Cell 2


Error info:

Failed to show value:

HTTP.ExceptionRequest.StatusError(503, "GET", "", HTTP.Messages.Response:


HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable

Connection: close

Proxy-Connection: close

Content-Length: 0


Does anyone have any idea about this issue? I am struggling to make interactive plots, especially online animations in Pluto notebook (animation displayed in the cell) using Makie. Thanks!

The issue is solved by disabling the system-wide HTTP proxies: http_proxy and https_proxy.