Pluto.jl webcam available?

@fonsp I have just wtched the JuliaCon presentation. Great! Loved the ‘random’ Skype call. I should steal this idea.
May I ask about the webcam interface? Is it possible to trial this now?
Sorry to Mikolaj - your handle does not autocomplete when I search…

Thanks! The notebook from the presentation is here. It’s not finished yet, so not everything is explained very well. But try it out, and let me know what you think!

(You need to click the camera image to take a picture.)

Eventually I will polish it up and it will go into PlutoUI.jl.


Yes! I get an image from my camera.

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I hate to say it… when I first used VideoIO.jl to capture from a webcam it did not work. It took a long time for VideoIO to ‘catch up’ and make capturing from a webcam easy - though it does depend on ffmpeg.

You took a pragmatic decision to use existing Javascript and it works out of the box with a modern browser.
I don’t know what my point is, but maybe one day there will be a pure Julia solution using the work of VideoIO.jl

Hey everyone, I am watching the Grant’s tutorial but when I ran the code it creates a box saying “enable camera” But I can’t 'nteract w’th the buttom. No matter what I do I couldn’t get it to activate.

I am using latest version julia (1.8.3) and Pluto v0.19.18 macOS Ventura 13.
I have tried both on Chrome and Safari but didn’t help.

Let me know if this is not to place to ask this as well.