Pluto hangs while loading in VSC

After “Pluto: Start a notebook” in the VSC command palette, I get Pluto loading, where it hangs.

Perhaps this red dot is an alert to something?

Is Pluto in VSCode a thing? I’ve never heard about it, googling leads me here:

to an old plugin developed by JuliaHub which had its last commit 2 years ago. Are you sure this is meant to work?

Are you sure this is meant to work?

No, not sure. I reckon it just doesn’t. Thank you.

See Status of this repository [2023-10-09] · Issue #32 · JuliaComputing/pluto-vscode · GitHub.

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I got past the hang-up by not including the .jl extension when naming the new notebook, so pluto-vscode is working for me (whether it’s supposed to or not, in its pre-alpha state, and an old version of Pluto).