🎈 Pluto Event #2: *Pluto recordings*

:balloon: Pluto Event #2: Pluto recordings :clapper:

Save the date: The next Pluto event will take place on Monday 16th of May, 18:00 Berlin time on our Discord Server

Topics: Pluto recordings, package documentation and how to export your work

We will introduce the new awesome recording feature, make some recordings on our own (hacking time) and discuss use cases and questions like: What’s the best package documentation you have ever seen?
In the end there will be time for individual questions (open tables with open topics, e.g. Plotting)

How does it work?

The event is hosted in discord, and we use multiple voice and text channels to bring people together in small groups!

You can join the Pluto discord server here: (discord server)


The schedule is even more condensed now offering a big slot for connecting the Pluto community

18:00 - 19:00 introduction to Pluto recordings and a short, simple recording challenge + mini hackathon!

19:00 - 20:00 open tables discussions, hackathon

And that’s it! We are really excited to start the second event! Join us to meet fellow Plutonians, and let’s make this an awesome day again!

:two_hearts: - the Pluto team



Pluto Recordings is a new, experimental feature! Here is an example:

Unitful Sliders - Pluto Recording

Join the Pluto event to learn more and to find out how you can use it yourself!



Next monday, 16th of May, there will be the next Pluto Event :balloon: about Pluto recordings :clapper:.
Check out the just mentioned small demo of a Pluto recording :straight_ruler:

Join our Pluto Event on our discord server (18:00 CEST) see link above :point_up:
and learn more about this fantastic new feature that allows you to share your work in a revolutionary new way.
We will talk about the possible future of documentations and tutorials and create new recordings with you together.
See you on Monday, will be fun :slight_smile: