🎈 Pluto Event #1: Plotting Barcamp

Pluto Event #1: Plotting Barcamp

Last year, we organized PlutoCon 2021, and we loved seeing all the ways that people use Pluto! This year, we want to focus on this aspect, and we want to enable you, the community, to meet and share your experiences with Pluto!

That’s why we will be organizing a really fun series of Pluto Events! :star2: Think of it like a virtual meetup, or a hackathon, each with a theme!


Some themes will be:

  • :bar_chart: Plotting (April 11 18:00 - 21:00 (Berlin time zone))
  • :teacher: Educational writing (TBA)
  • :artificial_satellite: Pluto for interactive websites (TBA)
  • :joystick: Interactive data science (TBA)
  • And more!

How does it work?

The event is hosted in discord, and we use multiple voice and text channels to bring people together in small groups!

You can join the Pluto discord server here: (discord server)

Second, you can add the event to your calendar: (google calendar event)

Third, you can RSVP here:

Who should join?

The main goal of the event is to bring people together who are thinking about the best way to plot inside Pluto! This includes people who are new to Pluto and Julia, and it includes our speakers, who are developing new ways to plot, each for different applications. So in short: if you make plots inside Pluto and you want to meet fellow plotters, you should consider joining!


To make it easy to join, we have a very condensed schedule!

18:00 - 19:00 introduction and a short, simple plotting challenge + mini hackathon!

19:00 - 20:00 short presentations from 4 speakers about new ways to plot in Pluto

20:00 - 21:00 talk discussions, hackathon

And that’s it! We are really excited to start this new event! Join us for the first one, meet fellow Plutonians, and let’s make this an awesome day!

:two_hearts: - the Pluto team


The presentations at Pluto Event #1: Plotting Barcamp

Next week Alberto Mengali will introduce you state of the art plotting in Pluto using Plotly or rather PlutoPlotly.jl

Guilherme Gomes will show you how to use d3.js in Pluto which makes plot elements interactive!

Peek 2022-04-06 09-39

:two_hearts: - the Pluto team


The presentations at Pluto Event #1: Plotting Barcamp

JΓΌrgen Fuhrmann from Weierstrass Institute will talk about PlutoVista, a Julia Package, that enables you to plot more than a million tetraeder easily in a 3d plot using VTK.js:


The event is starting in 1 hour! To participate, join our (discord server)

See you soon! :balloon:

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